Request for Proposals: AJCC Research Foundation
Deadline: December 1
of each year
The AJCC Research Foundation is a permanent trust operated exclusively to promote and sponsor scientific research in the dairy industry.

Submission Deadline: December 1 annually
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The AJCC Research Foundation provides in support for projects addressing significant issues for the Jersey breed of cattle and Jersey owners. Since 1988 approximately $878,500 has been awarded. Funding is in the form of seed money and has averaged $5,500 per project since 2000.

Research proposals are now being solicited for 2013. Priorities for research funding are:

• Nutrition of high-producing Jerseys, particularly practical feeding methods to maximize production of valuable milk components;

• Factors affecting management of Jersey calves;

• Factors affecting yield and/or quality of products manufactured from Jersey milk;

• Factors affecting economic impact of Jerseys: efficiencies, net income, longevity, and lifetime profit;

• Optimizing the genetic basis for improving animal health and/or enhancing product quality;

• Enhancing environmental impact associated with Jerseys;

• New technologies for safe and sustainable food production from Jersey cattle; and

• Feasibility of adding value to Jersey-derived products through enhanced product quality, branding, etc., toward consumer acceptance.

Review Process

The criteria by which submissions will be evaluated are (a) merit (e.g., potential to advance practical knowledge, creative approach to the problem), (b) competence (i.e., high probability of successful completion within the proposed time frame), and (c) relevance (e.g., problem derived from one of the areas of research priority).

The AJCA Research Advisory Committee will evaluate research proposals after the December 1 submission deadline. The Committee will forward its recommendations by February 1 to the AJCA Board of Directors, which awards funds at its meeting in March. The policy of the Foundation is to fund projects only from investment income, and to decline payment of overhead costs. Monies will be available for approved projects after April 1.

Responsibilities of Recipients

Researchers whose projects are funded by the Research Foundation agree to furnish the following presentations and publications to the Foundation:

1. The Funded Project: A PowerPoint presentation of no more than 12 slides is to be provided for the Association's Annual Meeting, held the third or fourth week each June. The presentation should (a) identify the project title, investigator(s) and institutional affiliation(s); (b) provide a concise summary of the project including the hypotheses and/or questions being investigated; (c) explain the research design; and (d) discuss the expected practical value for Jersey milk producers. The presentation should be tailored for its audience of Jersey milk producers (i.e., avoid the use of technical jargon). Illustrations and/or photographs are encouraged, and the presentation may include narration if desired. The packaged PowerPoint file is due at the Research Foundation office no later than May 31.

2. Results:

A. Upon completion of the project, a similar PowerPoint presentation of the results is to be provided for showing at the AJCA-NAJ Annual Meetings. Contact the Research Foundation for details when results are available.

B. After journal/peer review, an article presenting the research findings will be written by AJCA staff for publication in the Jersey Journal. Submit the final manuscript to the Research Foundation and we will prepare a draft article for your review and approval.

Please note: Travel of the investigator(s) to any meeting of the Jersey organizations is not required.

Submission Requirements

Project proposals must be typed, double-spaced, and include the following items:

a. A separate cover sheet including project title, investigator(s), institutional affiliation(s), and the address, telephone number(s), and e-mail address of the principal investigator.

b. A separate page giving a thumbnail summary of the qualifications of the investigator(s), not to exceed one page total.

c. A separate sheet containing a concise summary of the proposal.

d. Rationale for the proposed research, including the project title, review of pertinent literature, how this project will extend the literature, and the implications of this research for Jersey herd management or milk processing/manufacturing.

e. A separate sheet containing detailed information about both the project’s proposed timetable and budget.

Submit one (1) electronic copy (preferably a Microsoft Word document) and one (1) hard copy of the proposal postmarked no later than December 1.

Please post this Request for Proposals, or circulate it among colleagues who may be interested in submitting proposals. Contact Cari W. Wolfe, Director of Research and Genetic Program Development, at 614/322-4453, fax 614/861-8040, e-mail:, or the address listed above, with your questions or to receive further information about the AJCC Research Foundation and its awards program.