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Updated Wednesday, December 03, 2014

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Accelerate genetic progress and breed a more uniform and profitable herd.

For genotyping ordered through the American Jersey Cattle Association:

  • Jersey LD test:  $37 per animal (male or female) in REAP herds, or $47 per animal for non-REAP herds, plus required female fee or initial male fee,

  • Jersey HD test (80K):  $100 each animal, REAP herds, or $115 for all others, plus required female fee or initial male fee.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Add-on tests for BVD-PI, Beta-casein A1/A2, and polled/horned. Fees for testing requested and processed at the same time genotyping is ordered:

  • BVD-PI:  $4.50 per sample, REAP herds; $5.50, all others

  • Beta-casein A1/A2*:  $12.00 per sample, REAP herds; $14.00, all others

  • Polled/horned: $25.00 per sample, REAP herds; $30.00, all others

The following prices apply when tests are requested and processed separately from genomic testing:

  • BVD-PI:  same as above

  • Beta-casein A1/A2*:  $15.00 per sample, REAP herds; $17.00, all others

  • Polled/horned:  $45.00 per sample, REAP herds; $50.00, all others

* Reporting, publication of Casein A2 information is restricted by trademark laws.


DNA Samples  to GeneSeek

for official Genetic Evaluations released

January 1 February
Click here for complete CDCB Genetic Evaluation release schedule.
Preliminary genomic predictions are released weekly, then replaced
by official genomic evaluations issued the first Tuesday of each month.




What can I test with the Jersey LD (low density SNP) chip?

Any registered Jersey animal—male or female.

How much will it cost me to test?

The Jersey LD test (8K, version 2) is $37 per animal for REAP herds. For non-REAP herds, the price is $47 per animal. In addition, you will be charged the appropriate CDCB genomic evaluation service fee.


Is a higher density test available?

Yes. The HD (80K) test costs $100 per animal for REAP herds, and $115 for non-REAP herds. The appropriate CDCB genomic evaluation service fee will also be added to the test cost.

Please note that these prices apply only for orders placed through the AJCA.


What is the CDCB genomic evaluation service fee?

CDCB  (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding) fees cover the ongoing expenses of calculating and distributing monthly genomic evaluations and official summaries published three times each year, in April, August and December. An initial fee will be assessed for all males tested. However, a majority of females will not be charged an additional fee. Contact Herd Services to determine your rate code. Fees effective December 17, 2013 are:

Rate Code

Contribution to CDCB Cooperator Database

Female Fee   Male:
Initial Fee
A. I. Service Fee
1 Total Program   $   0.00      $     20.00  $      800.00
2 Member  $    2.00    $     30.00  $      800.00
3 Non-member  $    5.00    $   200.00  $      800.00
4 Canada   $    8.00    $   200.00  $      800.00 
5 Approved Partners  $  10.00    $     20.00  $      800.00 
6 All others  $  10.00    $   200.00  $   1,600.00

What are the advantages of the Jersey LD test?

It makes genotyping a large number of animals very economical by using a set of strategically selected SNPs to represent all of the SNPs on the original 50K chip. Because DNA is inherited in blocks, identifying a few ‘snips’ from each block lets scientists fill in the rest of the DNA sequence with a high degree of certainty.

How do I order genotyping?

Easy! Use the Genomic Testing Center (select link from Services menu).

Or, download an Excel worksheet to submit your order, then email it or fax a print-out to 614/861-8040, Attn: Genomic Test.

If you'd like to discuss options with the Genomics service team before you order, call 614/322-4458.

Please note that your AJCA account must be current to place an order. Tests will be billed after samples have been processed by the laboratory.

What is included in a test kit?

The kit is a one-page form preprinted with the cow or heifer’s AJCA identification. It also provides instructions for collecting hair samples.  When you are ready to take the hair sample from the animal, verify the animal's ID with the one printed on the test form, collect the hair sample and tape it to the form where indicated, fold it up and seal into an envelope--one for each animal.

Who does the genomic testing for Jerseys?

The AJCA uses the services of GeneSeek. The lab sends the genomic data to the CDCB for evaluations released on the first Tuesday of every month.

How long will it take to get results back after I send in a sample?

Samples submitted by the first day of each month will usually have an official genomic evaluation in the next month's release (i.e., sample in by July 1 will have an August evaluation).

Preliminary genomic evaluations, without reliabilities and genomic inbreeding, are issued weekly. Reports are posted to on the Genomic Testing Center. These are NOT official and not intended for publication. Official evaluations replace the preliminary predictions.

How are official results reported?

The Recorded Owner receives the Genomic Evaluation Report. The information is added to the AJCA animal database and the genomic evaluation becomes official. It will be published on all AJCA reports, like performance pedigrees and the Green Book, and used in sale catalogs.

If an animal is designated a carrier of an undesirable genetic factor, the Association shall notify the Recorded Owner, the Breeder, any lessee, and any third-party nominator by regular U.S. Mail. Additionally, the AJCA shall maintain a record of all animals that have been designated carriers of an undesirable genetic factor, and such designation shall be noted on all advertising, descriptive materials, or pedigrees published by the AJCA containing references to a designated carrier.

I'd like to start genotyping. Can you help me sort out prospects?

Yes. A report listing the top 25% of your cows AND heifers ranked by Jersey Performance IndexTM (JPI) is available (click here for example). Contact Cari Wolfe to request this report, or to discuss other options for determining which heifers and cows you want to test.

Some of the calves I want to test are not registered. Is that required?

Yes, they must be identified with the AJCA before a test kit can be sent out.

I want to test a group of heifers with the Jersey LD chip. Do I also have to test their dams?

No. There might, however, be some cases when you choose to test dam-daughter pairs because of the opportunity to increase the Reliability of the evaluations.

Can animals with UR and J1 registry status be genotyped?


What happens if the test is no good?

Failure is rare if you follow the instructions for collecting DNA samples. But if that happens, you can submit a sample to re-run the test at no extra cost.

What happens to the DNA sample from my animals?

Samples are securely stored and will be available for future use.

Start your genomic testing program now.

Log onto the Genomic Testing Express Order System. Fax your order to 614/861-8040. Or, send it by email. For direct assistance, call the Genomics Service & Order Hotline at 614/322-4458.



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